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Patentability Searches

  • Patentability / Novelty / Prior Art: 

This search helps to identify if your invention is new by searching patent and non-patent literature published before your invention. This provides information to help determine the viability of your invention thus giving you an informed decision of whether further investment is justified.

  • Freedom To Operate (FTO) / Infringement

This search helps to identify the risk of your invention infringing an existing patent in the relevant domain and therefore the risk of litigation. This would be relevant for anyone wishing to manufacture, import/export and/or sell products.

  • Validation or Invalidation search

Invalidation / Validity searches compare the claims of a patent in question, in order to reduce the claim scope of granted patents along with details of the other prior arts. This serves as the basis for legal opinion and countering any infringement litigations.
Validity searches are conducted to check the strength/validity of a granted patent and for strategically available licensing options.

  • State of the Art or Technology Landscape Analysis

This type of search is used to identify how others have tried to solve a particular problem over a time period.  This is useful in the early stages of research.

Patent landscapes allow you to view competitor’s patents and the countries they cover.  It can also be used to analyze a technology area to identify trends and companies/inventors active in particular areas.

  • Patent Monitoring 

This search allows you to keep track of your competitor’s patent applications. This can be carried out on a regular basis customized to your requirements.

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