Pulsate was founded by experienced and prominent professionals committed to provide seamless services and maintain highest ethical standards, diversity and individuality in business.

We are a global knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) company, working across diversified technology domains with law firms, licensing firms, sole patent practitioners and global companies.

The objective was to become the most significant patent service provider primarily based on Trust, Quality and Cost-effectiveness. Since then, our diligent approach has ensured quality in our services.

We are providing excellent quality to all our clients, with a sole aim to refine the means of patent & non-patent research, analysis & mapping was done and interpreted ever before. Our highly qualified research team works closed to software engineers to build interactive tools and widgets which help fill the void between quality analysis and representation of conclusive results.

Since its inception, Pulsate has put client confidentiality and privacy at the foremost and has stringent data security and confidentiality policies in place. With well-defined project management and people management procedures, we ensure that your project is handled with sensitivity and highest level of security.

Our strength and success lies with our team of experts and we go out of our way to treat with them respect, camaraderie and professionalism. A positive and encouraging work environment directly translates to a better success ratio.